The Worst is Over

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The Worst is Over

 Judith Acosta and Judith Simon Prager

Without warning... your words may be all you have to help someone in need. What will you say? One day, maybe sooner, maybe later, someone you know will experience a medical emergency. Perhaps a friend or co-worker will collapse in a meeting or a car ahead of you on the road will suddenly veer off and crash, or something less dramatic will happen... a cut, a bruise, or a broken bone. One day, someone you care about will be diagnosed with a serious disease. One day, someone you love - an aging parent, a spouse, your child - will expericne mental or emotional pain. Even if you're trained in CPR, first aid and other life-saving skills, there will come a time when none of that will do nearly as much good unless you are trained in the language of life-saving words.

You can relieve pain and anxiety, speed up the healing process, shorten recovery time and, in many cases, save a life.

Knowing what to say - and what not to say - is now a widely recognized medical tool that you can confidently use in any crisis situation, whether you're the only one there to help or waiting for help to arrive. The Worst is Over is a groundbreaking work already being used by health professionals across the country. When you least expect it, you will be the only one who can make a critical situation better - or worse. You will be the one to impact either the quality of someone's life or life itself. We all have a responsibility to be prepared.

This book is written from a secular viewpoint, but highly recommended by Norman Wright for anyone, especially those in the medical field and emergency services.

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