Surviving Crisis, Trauma and Grief by Dr. Michelle Simpson

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Sharing from her own experience of multiple trauma in both childhood and adulthood, and Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Michelle shares what she has learned to survive and move forward. Helping the sufferer understand what they are experiencing, the book focuses on practical and spiritual steps to help them survive, heal and help others. Trauma can make focus and concentration more difficult. In an encouraging, personable and easy-to-read style, Michelle avoids professional jargon and writes in a way that makes the book easier for trauma sufferers to take in. Surviving trauma is a day by day journey, and often an hour by hour one, where every positive experience adds up to help the survivor along a journey where hope, joy, beauty, creativity, confidence and self-worth can be gradually restored and move them forward to a better place. Encouragement, self-care activities and therapies help the survivor understand and journey through the process of dealing with the effects of trauma. Clear explanations of trauma's effects and how to respond help people know how to support the traumatized better. Michelle crosses the bridge that is often missing when looking at mental health from a 'faith' point of view, talking openly about the issues from her faith as a Christian. However, her sensitive, empathetic approach on surviving trauma is directed at all and makes the book highly accessible and readable and for those of faith or no faith. This book is written for those who have suffered as well as the one who walks beside them.

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