Grief, Crisis, & Trauma self-study course

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Grief, Crisis, & Trauma self-study course

Dr. H. Norman Wright spent 40 years training counselors, pastors, chaplains, and lay persons throughout the country. His purpose – to equip individuals to minister to hurting people. Whether it was in a church, at a seminary or university, or a national conference, his goal was the same – giving tools to those willing to come alongside someone who was grieving or had experienced a trauma. Over the years Norm discovered that practically everyone with proper training is capable of ministering to those who are struggling with grief, crisis, and trauma. This type of help is not therapy, but a matter of walking with a person and guiding them as they go through their unique journey of grief. After teaching this course for several years at Talbot School of Theology and as an extension course at his home church in Bakersfield, Norm created a self-study certificate course and opened the training to individuals throughout the country. The purpose of this training is to equip individuals and churches to help those who have experienced any type of loss. Since 2016 nearly 200 individuals have participated in this training.

Before his death in November 2023 this course included phone consultation with Dr. Wright and the course was discontinued when he died. Adjustments were made when several individuals requested to take the course even without the phone consultations. The materials and structure of the course have remained the same, but if students have questions or need to talk with someone during their study, colleagues of Dr. Wright are now available to step in and walk students through their questions. Norman Wright’s legacy and his ministry will continue.

There are benefits to a self-study course—you can study at your own pace and the cost of the course is significantly less. By taking this course students will be equipped to minister to others during a time of grief, crisis and trauma. This self-study program will be taught through materials written and recommended by Dr. Norman Wright. Students will learn how to help others by reading verbatims of actual counseling sessions and observing actual counseling sessions. This is provided in this course.

Course Materials and Assignments (materials included in the cost of the class):

1.     Read the course handouts

2.     Read the following textbooks:

           Experiencing Grief      The Complete Guide to Crisis & Trauma Counseling

           The Worst is Over      When the Past Won’t Let You Go

3.     Watch the DVD series Recovering from Loss seminar (3 hours). This DVD can also be used in your ministry. All handouts will be sent to you

4.     Watch sessions from Helping Those in Grief – Interactive Training DVD (at least twice) and answer the questions—this will take several hours.

5.     Additional materials included in the course: What is Trauma? – 10-page laminated card set, How to Connect – The Eyes – 6 page laminated card set, and Helping Those in Grief manuscript will be emailed to you

We will guide you in the assignments. Cost of this course is $275, which includes books, DVDs, and additional materials.

For more information or to sign up for this course please contact Bryn Edwards at 800-875-7560 or go to


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