Before You Say I Do - workbook

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Before You Say I Do - workbook

Would you like to have a successful, joyful marriage? Do you want to know more about your loved one's dreams and goals for your union? Before You Say I Do provides the perfect opportunity to gain greater insights into your future mate's expectations and time-tested principles for a satisfying lifelong relationship.

Through interactive surveys, thoughtful questions and real life examples, your relationship will deepen as you uncover areas of harmony and potential areas of discord. You will explore ways to:

adjust to differences in personality and background
clarify role expectations
develop spiritual intimacy
establish a positive sexual relationship
handle finances
build healthy in-law relationshis
and much more!

Drawn from years of marriage preparation and enrichment seminars, this workbook delivers solid information on how you and your partner can make your marriage all that it is meant to be. As you discover the role Jesus Christ plays in marriage, you'll find the principles and strength for creating a lasting union.

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