Before You Remarry - workbook

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Before You Remarry - workbook

All couples who remarry intend to be happy and fulfilled, but few plan for their happiness. Well-known marriage and family counselor H. Norman Wright has developed Before You Remarry to help you learn more about your future spouse's values, interests, and previous experiences. Practical ideas, insightful questions, and inspiring thoughts make this remarriage guide ideal for helping you create a solid foundation for a successful, long-lasting marriage. You and your partner will discover how to:

make sure you're ready to remarry

create a loving, trusting relationship

address roles, responsibilities, and decision-making

use the positive to overcome the negative experiences from your previous marriage

handle common problem areas, including present and previous in-laws, blended families, money concerns, and sexual concerns

This book promotes thorough interaction on the major issues of marriage and will help you and your future spouse build a love that will last a lifetime.